Unmatched Political Insight From Online Behavior Offered By Oopgo

Oopgo’s analytics programs provide unmatched understanding for politics, sociology and more.

online-politicsEarlier this month, President Barack Obama earned a second term as leader of the United States. In the weeks since the election, observers and pundits have pored over the data, looking for the perfect interpretation of the results. What does this outcome say about the American populace in terms of its attitudes, values, demographics and more? What did this election suggest is in store for the future of the country?

For many, big data and analytics have served as the cornerstone of these interpretations. Additionally, it is now well-known that both campaigns, and the Obama campaign in particular, utilized big data to optimize their strategies, finding patterns that allowed them to court voters in the most efficient and effective ways possible.

Undeniably, big data played and will continue to play a critical role in both political maneuvering and social analysis moving forward. While there are many programs available for this pursuit, none can match the power of Oopgo’s Customer Interaction Recordings Platform.

Unparalleled insight 
Oopgo’s CIR offerings provide unparalleled insight into every aspect of how people use and interact with resources on the Internet. With Oopgo, a user can gain a complete picture of how an individual or group behaves online. This includes a full log of every keystroke and mouse click, as well as data concerning view times and, for mobile devices, zoom actions. This information can be viewed in real time, or visually re-created after the fact to provide an accurate view of an individual’s online experience.

Oopgo allows users to then take this data and perform extremely advanced analytics operations. No product currently on the market can match Oopgo’s capabilities. Oopgo offers 1,000 times more analytics power than Google and costs a fraction of the price of other leading digital marketing analytics products.

This makes Oopgo the ideal option for any organization interested in leveraging individuals’ online behavior in the realms of politics, sociology, marketing, retail and much more.