Point Of Sales Abandonment Should Never Be an Issue For Your Company

The point of sales is a crucial point in any online shopping experience and Oopgo provides better analysis of POS data.

safe-online-shopping3The point of sales is a crucial point in any online shopping experience. According to a study by comScore, 67 percent of shoppers abandon their purchase at the last second for a variety of reasons. From saving those items for later, to finding out shipping costs would be too high, consumers who leave their carts during the final stages of an online purchase are the window shoppers of the internet age.

According to an infographic from Milo, a local shopping network, shipping is often a primary cause of abandoned carts, with 38 percent of consumers saying they won’t make a purchase if shipping takes longer than a week, while 51 percent won’t do so unless the shipping is free. Additionally, another 40 percent of consumers stated that they have abandoned a purchase simply because the shipping information was listed too far into the checkout process.

To improve purchase rates and eliminate cart abandonment, businesses need to understand why their customers aren’t clicking “buy.” This data can allow them to improve the customer experience and increase the rate at which consumers actually finalize their purchases. The best tools for accomplishing this are Oopgo’s data capture and analytics platforms.

Business intelligence can help companies eliminate weak points, increase profits, and much more, but only when the data used is accurate. With Oopgo’s Customer Interaction Recording (CIR) suite, a business knows that it is gathering real, actionable data based on a large range of customer activities, not assumptions made from incomplete information.

The importance of the customer experience is paramount. From improving customer service to increasing sales, ensuring the consumer enjoys their time on the company website and having the tools to analyze that experience, businesses can constantly improve their conversions, rather than constantly struggling with empty sales carts.