Oopgo Is Ideal For Small Businesses

For organizations of all sizes, including small businesses, Oopgo is the answer.

small-business-2012-300x400In many ways, small businesses and large enterprises have similar needs when it comes to achieving success. Both need to prioritize the customer experience while offering high-quality products and services at competitive prices. If a company of any size fails to achieve these goals, it will struggle to thrive in its industry.

One crucial element for any firm hoping to achieve these goals is information. Without sufficient data, firms will struggle with formulating an effective competitive strategy.
For organizations of all sizes, including small businesses, Oopgo is the answer.

The most important resource
Traditionally, one of the biggest disadvantages small businesses have faced when competing with bigger firms is resources; small firms simply do not have the deep pockets of major corporations, making it difficult to compete.

Oopgo levels the playing field by offering small businesses the opportunity to develop the most important resource of all: information.

With Oopgo’s Customer Interaction Recordings™ Platform, small businesses can gain a complete picture of how individual customers utilize the firm’s web offerings. This includes a record of every mouse click, keystroke, zoom and scroll on a webpage. By analyzing this information, small businesses can learn how well their web offerings appeal to the individual customer, and therefore, how they can be improved.

Additionally, Oopgo users can gather 1,000 times more data points per visit than firms using other digital intelligence solutions. Oopgo’s advanced analytics offerings then allow small businesses to take this data and gain valuable insight into customer behavior.

Oopgo’s Digital Competitive Intelligence™ Platform provides business users with detailed insight into competitors. When changes and rivals in an industry appear, Oopgo users are notified in real time so that they can react immediately.

Best of all, Oopgo offers packages tailor-made for small businesses. Rather than cookie-cutter solutions, Oopgo’s offerings can be customized to meet the specific needs of a small business, helping the firm to optimize and expand its operations. Whatever the firm’s industry may be, Oopgo can provide the insight and information needed for any business to reach its true potential.