Observing Employees Can Boost the Customer Experience

Oopgo knows the customer experience is everything for a business.

customer_serviceThe customer experience is everything for a business. If your customers are disappointed with a support call, they are likely to cancel their service and steer friends away from your business. On the other hand, a high-quality experience will encourage customers to recommend a business or give it positive reviews online.

According to an infographic published by Zendesk, the average cost of bad customer service is $289 per individual case. Consumers report rude representatives, long waits, and simply being ignored as major concerns when it comes to support calls. Additionally, 82 percent of individuals said they would stop doing business with a company over a poor customer service experience, while 40 percent said they would switch to a different company based on reputation alone. For businesses, this is a clear sign that improving the customer experience is more critical than ever.

The key to improving customer service is ensuring that employees are handling each caller with the attention and respect they deserve. However, businesses can’t observe their employees at all hours of the workday, keeping tabs on performance and attitudes. Or can they?

With Oopgo’s customer service and monitoring tools, a company can monitor employee-to-customer interactions at all times, which enables them to improve quality assurance and reduce instances of negative, representative-caused experiences for customers. Oopgo’s CIR Servicing Suite gives businesses high-quality dispute resolution and monitoring tools that allow businesses to ensure callers are receiving the pinnacle of customer service.

About 95 percent of consumers will take action against a business following a negative experience, be it publishing a scathing review online or warning others to stay away. No company wants to displease the consumer, and even more so, none want a negative review. By investing in the highest quality customer service solutions from Oopgo, your business can eliminate these risks and become the standard of quality customer service for your industry.