The Final Evolution of Customer Intelligence Tools – Store Every Action

Oopgo, a leading provider of digital marketing intelligence.

online-shoppingOopgo, a leading provider of digital marketing intelligence, is pleased to offer the final evolution of customer intelligence tools. With Oopgo’s Customer Interaction Recordings Platform, users can gain unprecedented insight into customers’ precise online behavior.

Store every action

The key to Oopgo’s Customer Intelligence Recordings Platform is its ability to store every action made by a customer while visiting the organization’s website. The on-page behavior actions noted and collected include:

• Every key stroke
• Every mouse movement
• Mobile orientation, zooming and flipping
• Time spent viewing, revealing customer hesitation

Other customer interaction tools provide only a snapshot or general overview of customers’ behavior. This can undoubtedly prove useful to the organization, but its utility is greatly limited. A company cannot reach definitive conclusions if its understanding of the customer experience is so hazy.

Oopgo’s Customer Interaction Recordings Platform, on the other hand, can provide an unprecedented, complete view of the customer’s activities. All guesswork is removed as the organization can see exactly how long each customer viewed a particular page, what he or she viewed next and where the customer focused his or her attention.

Combined, Oopgo’s CIR offerings can produce more than 100 times as much total information as other leading online behavior monitoring programs. This level of data capture reveals completely the customer’s experience while using the company’s website.

Insights available
The information gleaned via Oopgo’s customer interaction tools can yield powerful insights, which in turn can lead to vastly improved practices and offerings. With a complete picture of how individuals truly interact with its websites, a firm can gain an advanced understanding of the psychology and motives driving its customers. Instead of simply seeing which products and services are selling well and how many hits a webpage receives, companies using Oopgo’s superior business applications can develop advanced models that take into account the attractiveness and effectiveness of particular aesthetic displays and messaging strategies.

This level of insight can lead to the creation of more actionable metrics and enhanced targeting and segmentation efforts. Organizations can maximize the effectiveness of the customer experience offered by building off of the insights discovered by Oopgo’s Customer Interaction Recordings Platform.