The Final Evolution Of Customer Intelligence Tools – Playable Data Records

Oopgo, a leading provider of digital marketing intelligence, offers the final evolution of customer intelligence tools.

articleFeatureImageOopgo, a leading provider of digital marketing intelligence, offers the final evolution of customer intelligence tools. Companies leveraging Oopgo’s Customer Interaction Recordings Platform can not only gain an unprecedented degree of insight into their customers’ online behavior, but can also recreate this behavior visually.

See and understand
With Oopgo’s CIR Platform, organizations can gain a detailed understanding of the actual interaction that occurs whenever an individual visits the firm’s website. Oopgo’s tools monitor and record every aspect of the customer’s experience, including every keystroke and mouse movement, as well as the time spent on each page.

The value and utility of this data is further enhanced by Oopgo’s visual recreation technology. With Oopgo, an organization can develop dashboards featuring a wide range of content and metrics. These dashboards can be customized to highlight the most relevant data to the individual user, allowing various employees throughout a company to focus on only the data they need to perform their jobs.

With conventional customer interaction tools that lack customization abilities, employees are forced to wade through a significant amount of information that is primarily unrelated to their job functions. This can not only diminish the effectiveness of such programs, but also decrease overall usage rates, as workers will be disinclined to use a program they feel is not relevant to their needs. Experts regularly cite resistance to new technology as a leading productivity problem.

Ease of use
With customized visualization, employees can gain more actionable insight and analysis of available data. This can improve overall and specific decision-making for workers in any industry, regardless of the size of the organization. Oopgo’s visualization technology translates customers’ online behavior into an easy-to-understand format, increasing the value of that insight.

Furthermore, Oopgo’s CIR Platform provides visual recreation of customer activity in real time. This data can be accessed and visualized on an individual basis or in the aggregate. Employees within a company can, for the first time, actually see their organization the same way the customers see it as those customers interact with the various web offerings.

Oopgo’s visualization programs do not require downloads of any sort, meaning that the technology requires less than 1/5000th the storage needed for conventional videos. This ensures that the technology is not a burden on company’s networks.

About Oopgo
Oopgo, Inc. is a leading provider of digital marketing intelligence tools. Based in La Jolla, California, Oopgo equips companies around the world with superior business applications to obtain a deeper understanding of their customers and competition, resulting in winning digital marketing strategies.