Conversion Analysis Baffles Some Businesses

Oopgo technologies improve businesses web traffic and ensure that they are actually making a profit off of their website hits.

prospects4Many businesses want to improve their web traffic and ensure that they are actually making a profit off of their website hits. Improving SEO strategies and ensuring landing page paths are optimized are part of the equation, but often companies simply need to improve their conversion analytics.

According to Econsultancy, about 36 percent of businesses are dissatisfied with their conversion rates. In order to achieve this level of satisfaction, businesses need improved conversion analysis tools from Oopgo. Oopgo’s solutions for customer experience and competitive intelligence analysis allow companies to eliminate the issues plaguing conversion rates and begin increasing profits.

According to the Econsultancy report, about 22 percent of businesses reported that their technology simply isn’t up to the task of improving conversion rates. By investing into Oopgo’s high-quality answers for business intelligence and analytics, companies can eliminate this issue and see a demonstrable change due to Oopgo’s ability to harness actual customer activity, rather than making predictions or assumptions based on trends.

Oopgo’s Customer Interaction Recordings™ solution is successful because it gathers and uses actual data, rather than surveys and trend analysis, to predict customer actions. By analyzing real information, a business can further focus on initiatives it knows will be successful.

With the power of Oopgo’s actionable insight and analytics, any business can improve conversion analysis and turn web traffic into profit sooner rather than later.