Bridge the Retailer/Customer Divide Through Oopgo

Oopgo can bridge the retailer/customer data divide.

2067787November and December represent the year’s busiest shopping season. Consumers are eager to find the best deals on their favorite products, and retailers are just as intent on providing these demands. For many companies, these few weeks will determine whether the year is ultimately profitable or not.

To meet both retailers’ and customers’ needs, technology is vital. People use smartphones and the web to view retailers’ offerings to find the best bargains. Companies need to utilize data to maintain an advantage over their competitors.

Considering the stakes involved for organizations, it is critical that access to relevant data is both consistent and speedy. Unfortunately, this is often not the case.

Delayed data
As many retailers have come to realize, paying top dollar is no guarantee that a data analytics system will meet expectations. Many of the most expensive, allegedly advanced systems cannot deliver data regarding customers’ online behavior quickly or in real time.

Consequently, many retailers have delayed access to customer data. This delay can range from a few hours to several days. No matter the precise amount, though, any delay will hurt a firm’s ability to provide optimal pricing, inventory levels and more. In numerous ways, ideal service and strategies can only be achieved with accurate, up-to-date data concerning customer behavior.

For firms striving to achieve such capabilities, Oopgo may be the answer.

Oopgo and real time
Unlike its competitors, Oopgo is able to provide customer data to retailers almost instantaneously, eliminating the problems associated with a data delay. Oopgo offers a CIR Platform featuring Live Customer Interaction Recordings. With this technology, a business can immediately gain a complete picture of an individual’s behavior while visiting the company’s website. Every mouse click, keystroke, page zoom and any other action is recorded and made immediately available to the organization. Oopgo’s users can even see a visual representation of these actions, providing unprecedented insight into customer behavior and, as a result, psychology.

Firms can then use this data to adapt their offerings and tailor content, price points and other tactics to best appeal to consumers. During the holiday shopping season, this level of adaptability and specificity may be the key to achieving record-breaking profits.

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