Analytics Are Essential For Both Customer Service And Marketing

Oopgo offers analytics that are essential for both customer service and marketing.

shutterstock_105421988According to recent research from Verint, customer service may be the most effective marketing method in a company’s arsenal. Before firms can improve their customer service strategy as a marketing initiative, however, they need the data and analytics to make it work.

Verint’s research shows that customers are less likely to continue a business relationship after a poor customer service experience. Therefore, improving the overall customer experience not only improves sales, but also provides potential growth through positive word of mouth and customer feedback. In the U.S., 48 percent of consumers will talk about a positive or negative experience with their friends and on social media networks. Either by posting one’s experience on Facebook or Twitter, word gets out about whether a business provided helpful service or not, and this can have a tremendous impact on a business’s bottom-line.

When a business is looking to improve its overall customer service and marketing solutions, analytics is key. With Oopgo’s Customer Intelligence Recording (CIR) suite, a company can improve its data analysis with real, factual customer data. Relying too heavily on surveys or predictions can provide false leads and misleading information, which can result in action based on inconclusive data and misappropriated labor. Oopgo’s data analytics tools remove the guesswork and provide only relevant data to be analyzed by a firm, with industry competitor and trend analysis, as well as incredibly detailed webpage visitor behavior recordings.

By implementing Oopgo’s superior platform for gathering data and analytics, a business can improve its service on the web and through actual customer interaction. This allows the business to provide its customers with relevant, helpful information. An additional benefit is that it helps improve the user experience by pinpointing website issues, such as unintuitive design or technical errors, so that the company can avoid them in the future. Oopgo users can even address customer issues live with real-time surveys and navigation assistance, resolving issues before they can turn a potential customer away.

By basing analytics, whether for marketing purposes or customer service, on real and actionable data, a business can reduce customer frustration and enhance the overall experience. Oopgo’s solutions will help a business accomplish this effectively by providing data that is true to the customer’s needs.